Virtuosa Exclusive, Waitlist for the hand-crafted

We've decided to launch our own Exclusive, hand-crafted Jewellery Collection, and here's why...

Since re-branding in January 2023, it's been highly requested!

I've always seen jewellery as an expression of authenticity, who we are and our identity in a way, so why should it be sometimes monotonous and boring? I also always have believed in quality over quantity so, that's why 90% of the jewellery we sell is either sterling silver or solid gold - it's a lifetime investment in a current world where everything is replaceable. 

That's why I've decided to create Virtuosa Exclusive. 
This exclusive jewellery collection is hand-crafted by me, Luna and made of natural stones, using precious metals such as Sterling Silver and 18k yellow Gold plating and solid gold that is inspired by my country's rich and vibrant culture, Brazil. 

They are unique and exclusive pieces of fine jewellery, only available for those who join my exclusive waitlist. The above image is only a representation of what materials and elements will be present. This is because they will be made in very limited numbers, by hand and in small batches by myself Luna, for the ultimate luxury and unique experience, that very little people will have.

Make sure you join the waitlist below, to find out the launch date and more information about our Exclusive Collection.

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Expertly handpicked by Founder Luna; elevate your everyday style with the timeless elegance of Luna's Favorite jewellery. A collection designed for the modern, sophisticated woman who values quality and enduring beauty. As a corportae girly who lives a busy lifestyle, these are pieces I use myself on a daily basis, I'm sure you'll also love. 

Luna x

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