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I'm Luna, Founder of Virtuosa Jewellery and here's my Story.


Virtuosa Jewellery was born in London, August 2018. As a university student working part-time, I needed to find means to supplement my income. 

As a young, Latina woman, I regularly suffered with lack of confidence and self-esteem, but I noticed that my self-esteem improved with certain accessories, especially when I wore my favourite earrings and rings - they truly enhanced my features. 

Virtuosa reflects positive body image and self-love. You are valuable, virtuous, special and loved. 

I have always fought for empowering women, as I grew up surrounded by strong and supportive women.

I wanted to channel my energy and passion into doing something with this life that I loved and help women keep their self-esteem alive. 

As someone who is obsessed with jewellery but on a budget, I was frustrated that my every-day jewellery would tarnish after only a few wears, or turn my skin green if it got wet or I wore it to the gym and give me a massive allergic reaction as I am eczematic and pre-disposed to having skin allergies. As I come from a Latino background, we come from a gold culture, but buying gold was something out of my budget. 

So I decided to seek quality, long-lasting and accessible jewellery. At Virtuosa we are passionate about creating beautiful, timeless jewellery that is high quality, long lasting, yet affordable.

How is this possible? After researching long lasting metals, we found that sterling silver ans stainless steel jewellery ticked all of the boxes.

Most of our jewellery is also recyclable, so you're able to give it another life after it has run its course, or sell it as the precious metals we use such as sterling silver and gold, are investments. 


Virtuosa Jewellery was founded by Luna Bitencourt in 2018.
Brazilian, born and raised in London, always felt that her Latino culture was under-represented, so she decided to found a Jewellery brand that embraces and uplifts minority women's beauty, through accessorising jewellery.

Luna also struggled with extreme skin allergies and conventional jewellery didn't cut it anymore and didn't last. Luna felt the struggle was mutual for other women, that couldn't afford solid precious metal jewellery such as Gold and Platinum; this is how Virtuosa Jewellery was born. Luxury, outstanding-quality jewellery should be affordable to all.
Jewellery is a direct expression of who we are as unique individuals and can't be a standard so why should jewellery have a one-fits-all standard?

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Expertly handpicked by Founder Luna; elevate your everyday style with the timeless elegance of Luna's Favorite jewellery. A collection designed for the modern, sophisticated woman who values quality and enduring beauty. As a corportae girly who lives a busy lifestyle, these are pieces I use myself on a daily basis, I'm sure you'll also love. 

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